Tuesday, September 15, 2015

The link to Kirkus Reviews September 15 issue...

So, here's the link to Kirkus Reviews September 15 issue where Graynet, Book 4 of the Spies Lie series by DS Kane is one of the featured reviews:


And, if you are two busy to click the link, here's the entire review:


In the fourth novel in the Spies Lie series, an array of foes is still out to kill former covert operative Cassandra Sashakovich, despite her efforts to settle down with her boyfriend and adopted daughter.
At the close of the previous installment (Swiftshadow, 2014), Cassie had successfully overseen the deaths of the two terrorist brothers who had tried to kill her. However, just because Tariq and Pesi Houmaz are dead does not mean Cassie’s problems are over. Her boyfriend, Lee Ainsley, has been sent to Guant√°namo Bay under false charges, and while she’s able to blackmail the government in order to free him, her actions don’t make her any new friends. In fact, the president of the United States himself wants her dead. Despite this threat, Cassie attempts to settle down in suburban Maryland with Lee and adopted daughter Ann Silbee, a homeless teenager she met in the tunnels underneath the streets of New York while on the run. Unfortunately, Lee and Ann clash immediately, both still suffering from traumatic events in their pasts. To top it all off, there is a third Houmaz brother, and he wants revenge for his brothers’ deaths. When a call for Cassie’s assassination is posted on GrayNet—a website that allows visitors to bet on life and death with potentially huge payouts—thousands of professional killers and desperate amateurs set out to be the one to deliver her head to Houmaz. Author Kane continues to deliver solid thrills chock-full of international intrigue and shocking ideas that get the conspiracy wheels turning. The addition of Ann to the sprawling cast heightens the stakes even further. Cassie remains a frequently frustrating protagonist; she’s so stubborn and demanding to those she calls friends, it’s a wonder she has any. Yet her ingenuity and will to survive against such insane odds will make readers root for her nonetheless.
Nonstop action and suspense starring the definition of a strong female lead.

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