Sunday, July 19, 2020

My wife Andrea and I have been taking out food from our favorite restaurants here in the Central Coast of California. We worry that some of our favorite dining places won't make it.
My friend Jerry Krasnow, in Connecticut, offered this note o me as a partial solution to saving restaurants from disappearing during this pandemic. I found it valuable as a possible solution to the restaurant survival problem.
Here's Jerry's proposal. Read on:
"Face masks protect others; face shields protect you. Wearing both works best.
Because face masks block food and drinks, people must remove them; social distancing is the only “solution” offered today.
Face shields only need to be tilted up slightly to get food into one’s mouth. Straw use with face shields enables drinking. Distancing can be reduced so people can sit around tables safely.
Note: to keep the face shield protection, lean forward so the face is over one’s meal when eating. Lower shield when conversing.
Restaurants can open safely by requiring a face shield and straw use. For patrons who arrive without face shields, proprietors will provide them for customers to keep. It will create good will and repeat business.
Straws will come with all drinks.
A safe atmosphere will build up the customer base.
Legally enforcement penalty could be fine or closure. Yet given the need to build the customer base, proprietors will choose enforcement to survive and thrive.
Please broadcast this message to get the dialogue going for restaurants to reopen safely."