Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Kirkus Reviews features its review of DS Kane's ProxyWar, Book 6 of the Spies Lie series, in a recent article

Wow! I’ve been told that reviews sell books, and great reviews make bestsellers. Well, I Just received this email from Anna M. Cooper of Kirkus Reviews:

Hi David,

I hope you're well. I wanted to reach out and let you know that our review of ProxyWar was included in the January 22nd, 2016 content feed to Kirkus' licensees, which included Barnes & Noble, Google, Ingram, Baker & Taylor, and more. Your review appeared in the feed along with the reviews of books published by traditional publishers and is made available to consumers and industry professionals (booksellers, librarians, publishers, agents, etc.) via these outlets. Congratulations!

… your review is now published on Kirkus.com and was distributed to our licensees…

 All the best,

Anna M. Cooper

I’m so pleased that, ProxyWar, my newest title in the Spies Lie series has been so well received by the prestigious Kirkus Reviews organization. In case you haven’t read the review, I’ve placed it immediately below for your convenience:

“In the sixth book in Kane’s (Baksheesh Bribes, 2015, etc.) Spies Lie series, a motley crew of spies, hackers, and mercenaries unite to stop China and Russia from declaring war on the United States.

Former Mossad spymaster Yigdal Ben-Levy is dying of cancer, but he refuses to live out his remaining days in a hospice. Rather, he’s dead set on getting from Washington, D.C., to the United Nations General Assembly in New York City, so that he can warn its members of a plot cooked up by Russia and China to attack America. What’s bad for the United States is bad for Israel, and Ben-Levy refuses to die with his beloved country in limbo after devoting his entire life to keeping it safe. In order to make it to the U.N. without getting killed by Russian and Chinese assassination squads, he calls on Jon Sommers, a former Mossad recruit who’s now working as a banker in New York. Sommers is furious with Ben-Levy, who’s responsible for the death of his fiancĂ©e, but when the dying man calls on him in his hour of need, he reluctantly agrees to help. He teams up with Israeli-soldier-turned-mercenary Avram Shimmel, expert hacker William Wing, and former covert operative Cassandra Sashakovich, a Russian, to get the job done. The strengths of this thriller are its lack of especially graphic violence and relatively straightforward plotline, both of which make it more accessible than previous installments. Other Spies Lie stories occasionally got so complicated that it was difficult to keep track of whom to root for. The story here essentially boils down to a long chase scene, packed with action movie set pieces that wouldn’t be out of place in a Michael Bay film. Kane neatly ties up all the loose ends left over from the roller-coaster story arc that began in Bloodridge (2014), while also setting up Jon, Cassie, Avram, William, and company for further adventures together, which will please fans and give newcomers an opportunity to enter this addictive fictional world.

The latest adventure in a series that only grows more engaging with each installment.” — Kirkus Reviews

Monday, February 8, 2016

Biggest sale ever for DS Kanes's Spies Lie books

If you ever wanted to take a spy home for entertainment, this is your big chance:

February 9 through 11, the first three books in the series (Bloodridge, DeathByte and Swiftshadow) will be on sale at $0.99, marked down from $3.99, AND ProxyWar, the sixth book in the series will be FREE.

Don't miss this chance to read what Kirkus Reviews has described as some of the best technothrillers currently available. Kirkus has compared protagonists in the series to Jason Borne and Lisbeth Salander.

About the books...

Bloodridge, Book 1 of the Spies Lie Series – Amazon BESTSELLER!

“A globe-trotting spy thriller dense with intriguing insider's knowledge.” —Kirkus Reviews


DeathByte, Book 2 of the Spies Lie Series – Amazon BESTSELLER!

“A dizzying spy story for readers with clear minds and steely constitutions.” —Kirkus Reviews


Swiftshadow, Book 3 of the Spies Lie Series – Amazon BESTSELLER!

“…the high stakes and dizzily paced action will hook genre fans from the first page.”Kirkus Reviews


ProxyWar, Book 6 of the Spies Lie series 

"packed with action movie set pieces that wouldn’t be out of place in a Michael Bay film... The latest adventure in a series that only grows more engaging with each installment.” — Kirkus Reviews