Tuesday, March 17, 2015

What Weapons and Technology Spies Use

Most high tech equipment that used to be available only to spies through their handler organizations is now available in large degree to everyone. Some isn’t yet, but commercial versions of those are either on-the-way or being used only by those who can afford them. Here’s a shopping list of carrying items for any covert operative travelling a dangerous foreign country. Make sure each of these is in your mission bag:

  • A ceramic handgun (undetectable at an airport) and at least 50 rounds of ceramic ammunition;
  • A ceramic switchblade;
  • A cell phone with a removable battery, a high definition camera and multiple micro SD cards; and,

  • A complete makeup kit.

And, others, (which are found in my fiction) if you can get them:

  • Clothing treated with STF (stress thickening fluid), to make it bullet-resistant and knife-proof. This one is very real and is being used by the US Army. Versions are being used in the garment industry, for clothing sold to the very rich (and the very paranoid);

  • A “fly” (under ¼ inch electromechanical drone that looks like a fly, carries a set of stereoscopic cams and a microphone to transmit back what it sees and hears, a transmitter to send and receive, wings to take the “fly” where it needs to go, legs that are treated to “stick” to where it lands, and a small compartment to house either explosive or gas to render those in a room either dead or unconscious); and,
  • Tiny zip-lok bags each one carrying a “Bug-Lok” (also called the DeathByte) nano-device that is designed to be either ingested or injected, and latches to a neural bundle in the medulla oblongata, where it collects neural transmissions from the optic and aural nerves, and transmits what the subject sees and hears by using its molecular transmitter to hack  into any local area network, and from there, transmits the data on to the subject’s handler. Such a device can also be “fitted” with a tiny compartment containing a concentrated fast-acting poison to permanently “render” the subject).

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