Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Status Report: Polished draft of Baksheesh, Book 5 of the Spies Lie series, Swiftshadow on sale for $0.99 next week, Spies Lie Blof posts coming next week

Baksheesh, Book 5 of the Spies Lie series will be on its way to my copyeditor soon. This one was difficult to finish. So many loose ends to connect. But it brings to a conclusion the story of Cassandra Sashakovich. and at the end of the saga... well, no, I can't tell you since I don't want to offer a spoiler.

I expect the book to be released sometime at the beginning of this summer. Like many of my protagonists, Cassandra is in many of the books, but she isn't the protagonist of this book, although she s the principal character. The role of protagonist is Ann Silbey, Cassandra's adopted daughter. Ann develops into a prodigal hacker in Baksheesh.

You'll also discover how the unintended consequences of the original Bloodridge plot sends more bad news throughout the fictional world where spies behave like the Wizard of Oz.

I hope when it's out, you'll read Baksheesh.

Next week, starting Thursday, Swiftshadow, Book 3 of the Spies Lie series will be on sale for $0.99 for a few days only. If you've read the first two books in the series, I promise you this one will excite you even more, with a female hero who defies your expectations. And, at $0.99, how can you not buy it?

Oh, and I will be blogging all about what a spy's life is like. First blog entry right now...

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