Monday, June 6, 2016

Read Ethan Jones, a Great Bestselling Thriller Author

I’ve recently become a fan of bestselling international author Ethan Jones, another thriller writer whose body of work is compelling entertainment with serious espionage and military ops chops. This week, from June 14 through June 17, we’ll be co-marketing our books.

I’ve never before agreed to do something like this, and the reason why I’m joint marketing with Ethan is because his books are damn good combinations of espionage and military operations.

Ethan Jones is offering you two FREE spy thrillers: ARCTIC WARGAME and TRIPOLI’S TARGET, the first and the second novels in his Justin Hall series.

In ARCTIC WARGAME, when two foreign icebreakers appear in Canadian Arctic waters, Canadian Intelligence Service Agent Justin Hall volunteers for a reconnaissance mission, eager to return to the field. His team discovers a foreign weapons cache deep in the Arctic, but they are unaware that a spy has infiltrated the Department of National Defense. The team begins to unravel a treasonous plan against Canada, but they fall under attack from one of their own. Disarmed and stripped of their survival gear, they are stranded in a remote location. Now the team must survive the deadly Arctic not only to save themselves, but their country.

In TRIPOLI’S TARGET, Justin Hall and Carrie O'Connor, Canadian Intelligence Service Agents, find themselves in lawless North Africa on the trail of an assassination plot. The target is the US President, and the hit is scheduled to take place during a G-20 summit in Libya's capital, Tripoli. But the source of their information is the leader of one of the deadliest terrorist groups in the area. Ambushes and questionable loyalties turn an already difficult mission into a dark maze of betrayal and misdirection. Forced to return to Tripoli, Justin and Carrie dig up new intelligence pointing to a powerful Saudi prince bankrolling the assassination plan. What's worse, Justin and Carrie realize their plan is fatally flawed. The summit is only forty-eight hours away and they still have to stop the Saudi prince, dismantle the assassination plot, and save the life of Tripoli's target.


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As if this wasn’t enough for readers, DS Kane’s bestselling espionage technothriller, Bloodridge, Book 1 of the Spies Lie Series ( is also available for FREE this week, from June 14 through June 15. Kirkus Reviews called Bloodridge “A globe-trotting spy thriller dense with intriguing insider's knowledge.”

In Bloodridge, to find justice for those he loved, a man finds himself at the center of a dangerous global conspiracy...

When Jon Sommers finds out his fiance Lisa Gabriel died in a terrorist bomb attack, he is visited by spymaster, Yigdal Ben-Levy, who throws Jon's life into chaos, when he tells him that Lisa was not a fellow graduate student but a Mossad spy sent to bring him to Israel. Ben-Levy convinces Jon to seek justice for Lisa's murder by joining Mossad and going after Tariq Houmaz, her killer. Shortly after training, Jon's entire new team is executed by the bomb maker, who murdered Lisa, and only Jon escapes the massacre. As he leaves the scene, Jon finds himself captured, threatened and turned into a double agent for MI-6. When his Mossad handler, Ben-Levy learns this, he wants Jon dead as an example to other Israeli coverts. If being a hunted double agent isn't enough, Jon comes across information in his spying for MI-6 that suggests Israel is in impending danger from Houmaz. To stop this catastrophe, Jon must put together his own team, one he can trust with his life. Can Jon bring justice to Lisa's murderer, or will millions of lives be lost?

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