Tuesday, January 27, 2015

More news on DeathByte, Book 2 of th Spies Lie Series and plans for Book 5

My thanks to all those who purchased DeathByte, Book 2 of the Spies Lie Series last week. For four days I was strutting around the house yelling "I now have two Amazon bestsellers."  My thanks to Rebeeca Berus of 2 Market Books, my publicist, who made it all happen. But now, its over for the time being.

So, I'm back to polishing the draft of Baksheesh, Book 5 of the Spies Lie Series. Expect it in late Spring / Early Summer of this year. In about seven weeks I'll start getting the book into final form for release. A few of my readers have already complained about being hung out without another Spies Lies book to read. Please. Patience. It takes time to produce a quality book, and my project manager (Sandra Beris), cover designer (Jeroen Ten Berge), copyeditor (Karl Yambert) and formatters (booknook.biz) need time to do their work.

But here's a taste of Baksheesh, Book 5 of the Spies Lie Series:

After a close call with death and a disfiguring head wound, Cassandra Sashakovich is faced with even greater challenges, while her adopted daughter Ann evolves into an even more fearsome operative than her mother ever was. We see more of Lee, Avram and William, as the plots of the Russians, Chinese and American intelligence services bring their countries closer to a global war. And, Betsy the Butterfly is back. We'll learn more of the wheels behind the original Bloodridge Mossad plot and start to see the budding crisis that will emerge as the original six books of the series edge to a close.

So, if you haven't yet dipped into the Spies Lie Series, it's now time to start with Bloodridge, Book 1, an Amazon bestseller.

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